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Delivering Energy Independence with PV Solar Systems

Since 1998, Maine home owners, camp owners and businesses have turned to us for solutions to their solar power needs.  More than a 170 installations throughout Maine, of photovoltaic solar panels, wind generators, storage batteries and the electronic components that work together seamlessly and reliably, have allowed families to live the life they want - even if their home is far from commercial power lines.moutain top solar array
Remote locations are a specialty. Mountain tops, islands and backwoods shorelines are all viable properties. We have scoured the market for the top brands with field proven ability to meet the rigorous demands of Maine's weather and temperatures.  Suntech PV panels (made in the USA), Sharp solar arrays, inverters and charge controllers from Magnum Energy, Xantrex and Trace, have proven to be dependable components when integrated into a properly designed PV system.

Our Maine based system designers, installers and Master Electrician are ready to evaluate your needs, do an on-site evaluation and provide a free quote for your home power system.  If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, our D.I.Y. Solar Kits with free Tech Support provide an affordable solution.

All you Need to Know, Right From the Start 

This website contains a wealth of information and links to pages from our print catalog, all of it is informative.  Spend a little time to explore and you will see how a PV system works. You will understand the differences between Off Grid systems and those with a Grid Tie to the electrical company. You will learn how to determine if solar energy is right for you - and for whom it is not.

Look though our Gallery and you might see installations that are quite like what you have imagined for your property.  You will even learn how you can start for less than $1,000 and add on to it when ready - without wasting any of your initial investment.
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Avoid Costly Mistakes, Rely on the Maine Solar Experts with Over 170 Systems Installed

Off Grid systems have different design criteria than Grid Tie systems where your excess energy is sold back to the utility and peak demands are instantly available.  You need to consider the available sources of energy, both solar and wind.  You might benefit from a Hybrid system incorporating both.  It depends on your energy needs, your location and your personal desires for freedom from the utility company.

  • Will you need a generator to meet peak demands?
  • Can a PV system provide backup during those not-so-uncommon power outages?
  • How can you maximize a budget system and still be ready for expanding capacity later?
We will help you answer these questions and design custom configurations to meet your specific needs.  It is easy to get started.  Give us a call on our toll free number 1-800-471-8799 and we will gladly answer your questions, schedule a visit to your site and quote a system that meets your specific needs.